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Tyler Howard Psychology, Inc.

Dr. Tyler Howard provides psychotherapy to individuals and couples who struggle with difficulties related to gender and sexual identity, unresolved childhood trauma and abuse, historical and societal trauma, oppression, power and privilege, chronic stress, anxiety/panic, emotional overwhelm, obsessive and compulsive behaviors, recurring relationship conflict, depression, problems with intimacy, lack of focus and motivation, major life transitions, grief and loss.

Dr. Howard draws on her knowledge and experience with psychodynamic and psychoanalytic theories, cognitive-behavioral interventions, spirituality and mind/body science within an integrative and interpersonal treatment approach. She dedicates herself to ongoing training and research, and builds upon her knowledge of systems of oppression, and her competencies to support people in social healing and change.

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“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud

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Dr. Howard typically meets patients in her private practice office located in Atwater Village, however, since Stay-At-Home orders went into effect March 2020, she has provided only tele-health sessions via secure video-platform and telephone. Dr. Howard will become available again for face-to-face sessions at a still to be determined date, pending state and county restrictions, implementation of sufficient safety measures, management of viral exposure and risk of Covid-19 transmission. She is competent in assisting patients with transitioning to virtual sessions from in-person, and managing initial introductions to the nature of therapy via tele-health. She will help you work through any limitations and maximize the unique advantages of conducting sessions remotely.

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A Bit About Me and Therapy

Hi, my name is Dr. Tyler Howard and I am a licensed clinical psychologist in Los Angeles. I provide psychotherapy to individuals and couples, and I specialize in treating depression, anxiety, loss, and relationship conflict. I have particular expertise in trauma recovery, including PTSD, relational and complex trauma.

In my practice, I help patients overcome destructive relationship cycles and repair emotional wounds from trauma they may have experienced earlier on in life. I am committed to ongoing training and research, and offer culturally sensitive and informed interventions.

As a therapist, I strive to provide patients with new insights and coping skills. I work to help them understand how their experiences have shaped them, the ways they relate to others and how they go through life.

I keep an open, curious, and compassionate mindset to my sessions that allows us to form an authentic connection and create a safe and healing space.

I would be honored to work in trusted and committed collaboration with you, to better understand your current problems and, ultimately, to  discover meaningful potential in your life moving forward.

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What To Expect At Your Visit

Asking for help can be a major hurdle to overcome. You may even become discouraged with the sometimes tedious, complicated, and vulnerable process of finding the right therapist. I hope to ease your frustration by first applauding you in making this step. I want to assure you that you have already made a beginning.

I hope to soften your introduction or re-introduction to therapy and welcome you to book an appointment. Finding connection to a therapist ought to feel organic and meaningful to you. I can speak from personal experience that this not only requires safety and receptivity in the therapist, but also willingness and openness in the patient. If for any reason we feel you may be better suited for a different type of therapist, I will provide you with thoughtful recommendations and assist you in moving closer to the help you need. 

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3371 Glendale Blvd, Suite 214, Los Angeles, CA 90039


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